Friday, April 24, 2015

Week 32

With 7 weeks left to go it's getting crucial now. I have a feeling that in 4-6 weeks he will be here. Braxton Hicks have become a daily feeling, more like an hourly feeling but now I'm getting pain. Yup, now there is pain involved. The more I do or the more I stress is the more I feel it. That's it, I am only shooting 1 client per day from here on out until the 28 which is my Easter mini. I won't be surprised if I go into labor that day, I overbooked it and now I'm having a 9 hour day!! With set up at 8:00 and finishing at 5:30 thank god the fire station is on the corner of my house.

On a brighter note the nursery is 90% set up. All we are missing is the closet, it needs the bottom shelf plus I want a lazy suzan installed. Hmm lets see what else is new, well it's not new but this pregnancy I have fallen a lot more than my first. Luckily not on my belly and not a huge fall but here and there little slips and have fallen straight on my butt. I'm pretty much good when it comes to balance its just things in my way or when moping the water and my shoes dont mix well. 

This week I had the pleasure of shooting my sister in laws friends maternity pictures. Both of them and I differ about 2 weeks, one is having a girl and another a boy. It's pretty cool how when we talk it's basically about the same aches and pains and we fully get what we are going through. All 3 of us are 100% different in baby styles I have no theme but I went from a cowgirl theme Saturday and a nautical theme on Sunday :) I think it's pretty funny now that I am almost ready to pop I have had nothing but maternity and newborn sessions. Its like The universe wants us to have something to talk about 

At 32 weeks little booger is as big as a squash ranging from 15.2 - 16.7 inches.

You are getting ready to decent down and you are probably heads down this week. The more you grow the more cramped you will start feeling in there. Oli you could be weighing anywhere from 2.5 - 3.8 pounds already.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 38

Today I make it to week 38, after tomorrow I will be thrilled for him to come out at any time. You made it kid, you are almost a Taurus... Not to toot my own horn but, Your mother is AWESOME!! Toot toot! Hehehe. All that planning paid off and I couldn't be anymore happier.

I know I said I was on "maternity leave" and I have turned down a LOT of sessions but yesterday I had to go shoot. I am the Miami Photographer Manager for a Fashion Magazine which is currently going through rebranding. I thought I'd I showed up late and leave after 2 hours, I could shoot 2-3 girls and get great shots. I arrived at 11:30am and was one of the last ones out at 6ish. That's more than 6 hours!! Let's just say today I am on massive bed rest. My back is currently on fire, every move I make feels like I have a hot knife stabbing me repeatedly. I tried getting up to look for the icy hot but no luck finding the darn thing. Pretty much everything hurts today; from the walking, squatting and getting into my crazy positions everything from my neck, shoulders, back and even legs are feeling it. What a work out. 

I can't even go back to sleep because Ricky's  working and I need to pick up Jaiden from school in a couple of hours.

I can't be more thankful that my mother accompanied me yesterday and chauffeured the models and myself around Miami Beach so we wouldn't have to walk 2-10 blocks where we wanted to shoot. I'm pretty sure the models were extremely thankful also. Hahaha, walking that far in heels and in this heat.. No thank you. 

This week is no different from the last, still waking up at 2 or 3am for my daily pee pee ritual. My stomach is dropping by the day and it's about 4 fingers down already, any day now (I hope). My sweets cravings are now ski rocket. Had a pint of cookie dough icecream (lactose free of course) the other day all to myself and just last night I had another of cookies and cream. I know I shouldn't but my body is now feeling over heated. I can only sleep with 1 sheet over me and the house has to be at 68°. It could be lower but I don't wanna over do it. You now catch me every once in a while standing in front of the refrigerator catching the breeze. 

Breathing is still a task I can't wait to get back and now I'm starting to get a bit of heartburn. I hear that's from the babies hair. This week he's supposed to have an inch of hair already. I hope so because Jaiden was pretty much a bald baby until after his first year. 

Week 38, Oliver Jude Roses you are as big as a watermelon. I don't mean one of the HUGE ones (o_o) talk about a scary thought. Ranging anywhere between 18.9" - 20.9" and weighing along the lines of 6-9 lbs. 

This week you are just growing hair and shedding some white goo on your skin. I have to now keep more of an eye for labor signs, make sure I'm not going through preeclampsia, look out for the bloody show or the lovely water breaking.  

See you soon little booger! 


Just 2 days from turning 39 weeks. Still doing good. Small contractions but nothing big.  

Was turned into a mermaid today. That is all. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 37

I believe that was the first actual contraction. Sitting down on the sofa, my stomach became as hard as a golf ball. Every move I made had a sharp cramp, my breathing became heavy. Talk about scary, come on Oli you need to wait 9 more days at least. I can't even imagine going 3 more weeks, I know that there are women who go through this feeling all the way until and passed 40 weeks.

Every move that Oliver makes has me feeling like I'm going to need an adult diaper. I feel as if every 30 minutes my bladder is about to explode; sometimes even after going to the bathroom I have to walk back because I feel as if I never went. Also, everytime I use the restroom now I have to check to make sure my mucus plug hasn't descended. Almost 6 years ago, this was the week that Jaiden arrived. Once that came out... 12 hours later he was here.  This is also the week that you either love or hate this part of pregnancy. Your breasts start engorging and doubling if not tripling their regular size. I am one of those people that hate it, nothing fits and they are extremely sensitive. 

Every single day, 2 - 3am he is on a schedule. I wakeup, struggle like a turtle on its back to finally get up (all while trying to hold my bladder), use the restroom perhaps twice and lay back down. It would be great if that was it.. Just lay back in bed and knock out. Nope, for another hour or so I'm twisting and turning in bed waiting for my body to remember that it's still the middle of the night. 

Week 37, yet another fruit difficult to find! Where do they get these measurements from?! Hmm, week 37 you are as big as a winter melon ranging between 18.9 - 20.9". 

You are practicing inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping ... Wait wait wait wait wait! GRIPPING?!?? Is that what I keep feeling?! Sometimes it's as if I feel my stomach get pinched from the inside, like if it was bitten. All this time you are grabbing something in there?! Dude come on, give your mother a break.. It hurts (._.) .... and blinking. This is the nasty part, you are getting your first poop ready. You have officially become FULL TERM, you are ready to come into this world at any minute. From here until you decide to pop your head out (ugh, that was a disturbing thought) you will just be chunking up. I've noticed this whole pregnancy I've done extremely well when it comes to eating and I haven't really gained much. NOW IM EATING SO MUCH! I try so hard to stay focused and eat little things but this kid is making me put on these pounds quickly this month.

**** update ****  4-16-15 

It's 3:20am, waking up to pee as usual but before I get up I hear and feel an internal pop. I waited a bit before moving out of bed to pee to see if water or anything came out but nothing. After peeing I lay back down and now my stomach is growling a lot... Well, my stomach isn't hurting like its hungry but it's growling and he's definitely moving in there. Luckily today I have my Gyno appointment at 11:00am. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Week 36

Full Term!! I am 9 months as of today with only "4 weeks left". Now comes the scary part, I had Jaiden at 37 weeks.  Can you imagine, next week instead of a photo of a fruit we will have a photo of a baby. <3

This week I am starting to breathe better but I still have those moments of uncontrollable gasps of air. Oliver is already head down and ready to come out any minute —any day. I am having massive pelvic discomfort this week. Not sure if he is trying to stretch his arm or if when he pushes his body in a certain way he is hitting the edge of a wall inside there, setting off a stabbing pain.

We have already pre-registered at south miami hospital, set up the infant car seat in my car, and packed my hospital bag. Just about ready! Let's hope Oli stays in his current residence for 13 more days. Any time after that I am happy and all my planning will have worked out perfectly for a little Taurus baby. According to my due date, only 27 days left but we all feel as if he will show up a lot sooner. 

This week we decided to register Jaiden in Soccer. Jai starts April 18 and he is extremely excited! Yes, a little crazy because any day now Oli will pop out but... We know some kids feel left out when their sibling is born. I am glad that I am on maternity leave because all his games are Saturday mornings until June. Oli and I will be cheering from the stands (^_^) 

Let's see this week Oli is as big as a Honeydew ranging anywhere between 17.2-18.7in. 

He is getting closer to breathing on his own, even though if he was born today everything would be fine. Skin is getting smooth and soft and his gums are becoming rigid. Liver and kidneys are in fully working order; circulation and immune system are also a go. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 35

Whoopsie, so I didn't write anything last week. It's not like anything has really changed anyways. Now I am to be seen by my Gyno on a weekly basis. That's it, after next week I am considered Full Term. You are allowed to come into the world at whatever time you would like to make a debut... No one is stopping you.

Every single morning at about 3am I am constantly waking up to pee. The moment I notice I slept the night is the biggest excitement in my morning. Here is another lovely bathroom fact, pooping sucks!! Not only is it hard to go now but it's actually hurting. Since I can't really just push... I will just sit there and wait. Talk about a crappy time on the can. Hehe. 

So this week im supposed to get a couture.. Umm idk what that is just yet but I'll find out tomorrow. Just another exam to make sure all is well I suppose. 

I am not sure if anyone is noticing but my belly is dropping. Not only can my hand sometimes fit in that cavity between my belly and my boobs but it's getting REALLY hard to even wear my maternity pants. Yup.. My fat pants are even tight on me now...Ughhh this sucks, even my underwear are super tight now. 

At 35 weeks you are ranging in the same size as last week but this week as a coconut. Still a mere 17.2" - 18.7" and anywhere from 4.2 - 5.8lbs. 

You're hearing is fully developed and I'm pretty sure of that because you jump for high noises. Since you are a boy, this week your testicles are fully descended. You are supposed to put on another 2 ish pounds before birth now. I hope you are as small as Jaiden, please don't kill mommies hoohah. Aside from the massive amount of times you make me wanna pee and the lack of being able to poop you are also making it hard to stay on my feet for long. I am now starting to really feel those aches and pains and the sciatic nerve pain are no joke. 

Week 34

Oh boy... This week I was sooo busy with my easter sessions that I didn't write anything.

This week you are the size of a butternut squashes going at 17.2" - 18.7". 

After this week you will start putting on the pounds. You are starting to react to music and have started peeing about a pint a day. (I swear it's more).

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 33

I hate my phone :( The entire post that I was just finishing up was deleted because my phone glitched. Ughhhh!! I HATE when this happens.  So here we go again!!!

6 weeks left, as the weeks get closer and closer they seem to be going faster and faster. I still believe you're going to get here before six weeks. I was talking to abuela about how some women are basically 10 months pregnant, for those who pass 40 weeks... and now she's calling me a donkey (since they are the ones that give birth at 10 months) lol. Here is a chart of how I have been tracking it. 

So if I'm 33 weeks that technically makes me about 8 1/2 months. My mother says that the Cuban way to do it is to track it by the month and not the week. If we conceived you around July 21 through the 27th and you count nine months after that then technically you are going to arrive April 21st through the 27th. This is exactly the dates I had planned for you to come. Damn im good. Jaiden was born
At 38 weeks making these calculations correct as well. This actually means my mom was right, don't tell her I said that. Hahahhaa. So instead of 6 weeks maybe I shall see you in 4. Today is my glucose test again, Great way to start my 33rd week...  3 hours and 4 blood tests later. I am NOT HAPPY. I am starving, I hate fasting. The restriction I am getting is making me want it even more. You know that feeling you get when you're so hubgry you want to throw up... If not, well, that's how I'm feeling. 

At 33 weeks you are the size of a Durian little booger (what the heck is a durian). Ranging anywhere between 17.2 - 18.7 inches you are almost at full growth size. 

Your brain is still developing and you just keep getting smarter and smarter. You are keeping your eyes open as you are awake, you can coordinate breathing at the same time as swallowing and sucking and your bones just continue to get harder and harder. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 31

8 months today..

Officially OVER being pregnant. Wanting it to be over already :( 

This was one TOUGH WEEK! Between photography sessions, my baby shower, preparation for one of my best friends Bachlerette party (I hosted), the wedding, and my cousins baby shower all in the same week I am just about ready for a vacation. I'm not even joking, I was stiffed a vacation because my client was not an understanding person and at the end of the day rescheduled her session. I'm also about ready to move OUT OF MIAMI because of people like this. 

Well, because of everything falling together at the same time I have been having back to back Braxton Hicks. Talk about torture, here is a timeline of what I am going through...

Timing : 

(While at wedding) 
(fell asleep)
12:56 (woke up to pain)


6:49am. (Stopped counting, back to sleep) 
9:00am feels like a minor contraction 
10:00- Stopped counting (working)

I have been in my car now instead of in my cousins baby shower laying down trying to give myself a little relief from the pain. What sucks even worse is not being able to see ricky in 4 days!!! Thursday - bachlerette party, Friday he was all day in a meeting and then I had a rehearsal, Saturday he was a double and I was at the wedding, Sunday he is back in another meeting and I'm stuck in my car crying my eyeballs out for no apparent reason. These random moments of emotional wrecklessness are getting quite annoying. 

I know everyone tells me its too early to have Oliver but I want him out already, he wouldn't be the tarus we planned for though •_• only downfall. I had Jaiden at 37 weeks (6 weeks left for you Oli, I can't take this anymore there will be an eviction notice put up as of April 13 with 1 week to vacate so you may be a Taurus. 

At 31 weeks you are as long as a pineapple at 15.2" - 16.7". 

Your eyes are developing and you are reacting to light. All of your five senses are in working condition. You are causing me shortness in breath (still and will continue till the end), Braxton hicks, extremely frequent urination, back aches, sleepless nights and major hormonal swings. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Week 30

Baby shower DONE!!!

So much work to reach the date and finally the day has passed. We are extremely thankful for all our family and friends who were able to make it. We know how blessed we are but when it comes to these gatherings we are truly astonished and delighted to see everyone show up for us. Thank you is such an understatement compared to how we feel now. For Oliver's baby shower we had to cut back on a LOT of invites. Imagine, Jaidens baby shower we had 180 on the list (and we cut people there also). Between Ricky and I we are blessed with a HUGE family but that's where the hard part comes in, we want to always invite everyone including our friends but it's so tough. This time I kept the list to 100 people and trust me I hated it. Between both grandmothers telling me they felt bad for not inviting a certain family member or their friends it was quite stressful. Ricky didn't want a baby shower, thought of having a get together instead but we had one so that the family can partake in baby Oli's pre-life party. 

Let me tell you, we aren't planning another kid but if it ever happens no more baby showers. Not only is it tacky if we were to have 3 but the stress is absolutely not worth it. 

Although, I must say I could be able to take on event planning everything came out spectacular! 

We basically got everything we asked for 🎉 and we are soooooo thankful. Starting over again with a brand new bundle of joy will not be easy but we are happy we waited. Jaiden is so excited and he understands he will be a big brother and wants to take up on a lot of responsibilities. 

I don't get the measurements sometimes but supposedly little booger is as big as a cucumber this week. He measures somewhere between 15.2 - 16.7" and may be somewhere along the lines of 2.5-3.8 lbs. 

His skin is getting smoother and he is starting to hiccup, actually I did feel the hiccups last week. We he getting stronger and is able to grasp things. Only less than 10 weeks left and the shortness of breath and cramping seem to be all I am getting. No swelling thank god nor heartburn. Braxton hicks are no joke, my dr said 5 within the hour and straight to the hospital. Yesterday came close, I had 4 in an hour o_o. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Week 29

I'm soooo tired. I just want to sleep!!! 

This week I am traumatized, it's finally hit me. I am FAT! Hahah, I just stood straight looked down and my feet are fully covered. I can no longer see my feet!! 

This week is my baby shower and so far everything leading up to it is nerve wrecking. We have made so many sweets!!! Not only will there be cake but my sweets table will have :

Cake pops, chocolate covered Oreos, chocolate covered pretzle sticks, mini pretzles, m&m's, white chocolate macadamia nuggets, sugar cookies, fruit tarts, mini cupcakes, and macaroons!!! 

Well, since I am fat I have to make everyone coming to the party fat as well. Lol. 

With work and baby shower stuff this week and next week are going to be intense!! Toooo many things lined up. 

This week little booger is as big as an acorn squash measuring at 15.2 - 16.7". 

It's getting cramped inside there and boy can I feel it. One of those kicks once felt like a bite 😳😳 lmao. The other day he was jammed in there that I couldn't walk. For rickys birthday we went to eat at chilis and upon reaching the car my leg started giving up on me. With the biggest back pains and finally reaching home I couldn't even walk to the bed. Ricky was dragging/carrying me. Every time my foot touched the floor the massive pain up my side was immense. Yeah, I was bawling tears. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 28

Wow. 20 weeks since I started writing, I can't believe it's almost over. This is the week where -ish- just got real. Braxton Hicks really suck!! I mean, I gave felt them before but now it's more constant with a bit more uncomfort.

First day of my 28th week and this kid literally spazzed out. It wasn't a normal kick or stretch, it was a shake (O_o) ! 

Here is where I am realizing I am getting to that point where I can do less and less. In my photo sessions I am feeling it more and more, getting on my belly... Umm impossible, squatting down... Getting harder, long walks... I am struggling to breathe at times. Only 2 1/2 months until the booger arrives. Shoot only 1 more week for my baby shower!! Where has the time gone, I am not ready for either!!

Hmm, I'm still sleeping on my right side but now I've started sleeping on my back again. I'm extremely surprised I can still find comfort and actually breathe on my back. I just can't be on my left, that's still not comfortable for me. 

Last week I did my glucose test and I just found out I failed it :(  I know it's really common to fail the first test but I'm really sad. This pregnancy I thought I have done everything correct. I've eaten healthy, I drink a lot of water and well ... I was exercising at the beginning. Now failing the test my sweets cravings have sky rocketed. I've always loved sweets but I guess subconsciously thinking they are taking it away I have notice I've wanted more than my usual. Time to bring that back down now. Maybe for my next scheduled test I can cut sweets a week before. I've been nesting lately but have given up since the room is almost filled with all the gifts we've been receiving in the mail. <3 We are so thankful to all of our family members and friends, we knew starting over wasn't going to be simple but with everyone's help it's been astonishingly pleasant. 

This week you are as big as an eggplant. 
Ranging anywhere between 13.6"-14.8". 

After this week there is not much happening anymore as development other than brain activities and weight gain. If you were to be born this week you would have a much higher survival rate considering your lungs are fully functional. Every week that passes your breath gets stronger but my shortness of breath becomes a little shorter. Last night I had these minor labor pains which im hoping was just a major Braxton hick. 


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week 27

These leg cramps are getting insane. Basically every night I wake up in massive pain where I am caught in a sharp cramp where I can't move. Every time I stretch my leg it's like a thousand bolts are attacking my muscle. Time to pull out my yoga mat I have been slacking!!!

Second session of maternity, check! ✔️

I can't show you my pretty ones until after the baby shower, keeping those a surprise. I am having such difficulties choosing my fav one though. I don't know which to post. :(

Braxton hicks are starting this week and let me tell you I'm NOT excited for this. Lol. This week has just been a painful one. Also, where the heck can I find a rutabaga?! I'm done looking for it so I'm going for the second fruit that's about the same size. This week has been the first week I couldn't find the correct fruit but it's ok. 

This week you are the size of an rutabaga  reaching anywhere between 13.4" - 14.8" and gaining anywhere from 1.5 - 2.5 ounces. Umm where the *% can I find a rutabaga in Miami, I've looked everywhere (>_<)! 

Still practicing inhaling (the amniotic fluid of course) and exhaling. Lungs are rapidly developing and for the next few weeks this is about all you'll be doing. According to thebump website you are finally showing brain activity. Entering this third trimester it's pretty much safe if you come out at any time but let's wait it out at least one more month to make things super safe..hehehe. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Week 26

With loss of sleep due to a small bladder and constant cramping I am getting a little bit on the edgy side lately. Ricky says I can't handle stress and I flip out over the little things now. It's gotten a bit harder to breathe and sometimes I sound like if I just ran a mile when I haven't really done anything.

This week I had a rash appear on my stomach which freaked me out!! Dr. Said it was pupps and of course me being.. Well, me... I googled. I again flipped out and was scared it was going to take over my whole body. It's extremely itchy and if I touch it then it burns. I've been putting my cream I use for my pimples which is great for eczema and skin problems and it's gone away!! So happy because day one it looked swollen and irritated! So again... being the self cautious psycho that I am, I put some tattoo cover up on it and ran to ale some maternity pics on the beach. The day was just about ending and it was one of the colder nights here in Miami, we reached the beach right on time for sundown and I am lucky I have a patient husband who understands my psychotic rages. 

At the moment I thought I looked hideous and that I couldn't do anything with the photos since you couldn't see my stomach so I just look bloated. With only 25 min until sundown I believe Ricky caught some amazing shots of me. I should start using him as my second shooter... Since I am extremely hard on him he has gotten so much better through the years. I'm sorry babe, I'm a perfectionist. 

This week Oli is as big as a head of lettuce coming in at 13.6-14.8 inches. 

His eyes are supposedly forming and soon he will be opening them up while inside my belly. His eyelashes will soon grow and hopefully he has mommies eyelashes just like jaiden, long and full. It's crazy to know that he is already starting to take breaths inside there, like a fish!! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 25

What's crazy is the fact that sometimes my belly lol old tiny as heck and then there are times when BOOM!! There you are. Sitting down and laying down I look and I'm like I'm not that big actually, but this weekend I had to pull off some leather leggings and a tight shirt that I finally realized "holy crap I'm showing". 

From heart burn to stomach cramps I am finally feeling pregnant. 

This week you're the size of a cauliflower at 13.6-14.8 inches. 
He has learned which way is up and which way is down. He weights up to 2.5pounds and is starting to rapidly gain weight and grow hair. 

Week 24

This week you are officially breakdancing. You can finally feel the kicks if you feel my stomach. The thing is I would be ok if he was kicking up... He likes to kick down into my hoohah and when he kicks there I have to RUN to the bathroom. Also, I know it's normal and yes I'm about to admit this but pregnancy at this stage is DUSGUSTING!!! I'm like a waterfall with discharge. Men & women who haven't gone through this, I don't care anymore... so what.. it's what happens, get over it.

I am STILL waking up and puking but luckily not a lot anymore 🎉🎉🎉 Wooohooo that stage is almost gone! 

As for the nursery, we are putting up the furniture and wall decor. 

Here is half of the room so far and I'm getting more and more excited about finishing it. 

This week you are as big as a cantaloupe at 10.5"-11.8". 

I'm supposed to be getting swollen ankles and that black nasty line down my belly like I did with jaiden but nothing yet (and thank god). 

No new updates just that you are almost ready to survive on this crazy outside world if you were to come early. Your skin is no longer see through and you are getting your pink pixels. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week 23

I am feeling Oliver more and more each day. Hopefully he is not a breakdancer like his big brother, I wouldn't be able to deal with that. Ok, so everyone tells me I have a tiny belly for 6 months... Well I've been eating salads, fruits, veggies, wraps, chicken, drinking lots of water & water w/lemon. The reason I believe I am actually gaining now is because 1..the holidays and 2.. I'm giving into my usual chips & chocolates tantrum. I am trying so hard not to give in to the Mc Donald's fries one... Lmao. I keep saying this and never doing it. I neeeeddddd to start Yoga/Pilates again. I've gained about 14lbs in 23 weeks and only 16 weeks left to go. I WISH I could say only 6 more pounds and that's it. Lol lets see how that goes.

We have started construction on Oli's room and WOW. A once before catastrophe is finally over. Everything has a spot in the house and shed. We cleaned up the shed by adding shelves and it's no longer a clutter. Now everything in the first room is finally gone. 

Here is the Before picture (not the messy part) of the room before we continue the transformation into a nursery. 

That's the panoramic view. This is the last room to finally get painted. My hubby just noticed today that once the baby is born, every single room will now be occupied. It's crazy. It's still pretty surreal for us. 

Here's the painted version. 

This week Little booger is about the size of a grapefruit coming in between 10.8"-11.8". 

Face is finally fully formed but is now starting to form nipples. This is the stage where they start gaining weight, meaning watch out me! Sticking to the healthy diet is extremely important now. Luckily I don't have swelling feet nor are my legs retaining water, I should go out for walks around this time. Oli is now fully hearing my voice and loud noises on the outside world. Honks, barking dogs, music... You name it they hear it. I guess it's that time to start playing classical music now.