Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 22

FML - I did it again, wrote a paragraph and guess what... Didn't save it. Yeah, I would do it again 

I guess I don't get off the topic but this seems to be a load of crap. 

1- yes    2- sweet    3- moody   4- yes
5- dry    6- right    7- no.  8- no change 
9- no    10- maintaining  11- stable  
12- GIRL   13- GIRL 

11 said girl and 2 said boy. 

Ok, fudge the holidays.. I need to go back to fruits, veggies and salads. I ate like a cow and am now feeling like one now. I just checked a calendar and it says I am now 6 months. 

I guess I miscalculated somewhere this month and thought I was as 5 months and 3 weeks but I guess I added a 5th week in two of those months. Well, I suck at math sooo it sounds possible. Damn, I REALLLYYYY have to get started on the baby shower invites, now more than ever. 

Now I can actually start feeling Oliver more on the outside as well as in. I can have Jaiden feel my stomach and he tells me he feels his baby brother. 

The closer the time comes the more we come into realization that.. Holy crap there will be a newborn here soon!! A crying and pooping machine!! Honestly, we are soooo not ready, but then again is anyone ever ready?? 

Oliver is as big as a papaya, averaging at 10.5" (we had to cut the papaya because it was a little too big). This week you are looking more like a newborn developing your eyes and lips more. You are expanding more and more and space is getting cramped. My belly button is officially an outtie (and I HATE IT).

From here on out I am supposed to gain 1/2 pound each week. Uh oh that means "9 more pounds" so I SHOULD end up at 155, I started fluctuating at 130-132 so if all is well I would gain 23-25 pounds total. STRICT diet from here on out, I can't do the same thing I did with Jaiden, I gained 60lbs with him!!! 
This week is New Years so I want to wish all my readers a HAPPY NEW YEAR. May 2015 bring you everything that 2014 forgot. Let's try to keep the resolutions this year lol. My resolution will be to keep my diet hahaha. Also, to continue to grow in my photographic career, to overcome fears and try to let go of the past. 

What a fail, I got champagne in my eye.  >_< 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week 21

In 5 months I've gained 9lbs. I have to keep this up, 4 months left let's hope only 9 more pounds 😭.

I will be lying if I say it's getting easier, the more the weeks go by the harder it gets. Example, lately every time I blow my nose it's like playing a round of Russian roulette. Only pregnant women and mothers will know the embarrassment of blowing your nose or sneezing with a full bladder... Actually sometimes you didn't even know it was full. Now I'm not saying you fully go back to toddler days where you wet yourself completely but if you don't hold it or sit down you will have a tiny misshap. 

This week it's also getting harder and harder to breathe sometimes. I feel the little booger more and more and soon I'll be able to see Oliver completely breakdancing in there. He is already pushing downwards and making it extremely uncomfortable. 

Coming in averaging around 10.5" you are now as big as a pomegranate. 

Some women by now are feeling hart burn and indigestion, Braxton hicks, leaky boobs, itchy skin and getting stretch marks. Well, I already have stretch marks sooo yeah.. As for the other stuff I really haven't experienced any of that just yet, thank god. Only 1 more month and I'm in my last trimester. Agghh and then the real trouble comes.

Now here is where I should start thinking, after birth should I keep the blog going but instead of weekly updates on the little booger perhaps make it monthly. I can then print all these blogs and keep it in a scrapbook for later. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Week 20

Hey guys, as most of you already know I have done my gender reveal. Not originally how I was going to announce it but since I've been having this whole gender depression I figured just to do something small. Again, I know everybody's just telling me be happy it's a healthy baby but as every other mother who has had the same gender twice it has had to have gone through your mind at one point or another…Will you love this child as much as your first. For the first three months I joked around with my husband saying how if it was a boy I don't think I would be able to go through with it because the love I have for my first boy it will never be replaced. I told him I felt as if I would treat the second one differently, I wouldn't give him as much love as I would for Jaiden. I won't tell you I'm sorry I feel this way because I know that my feelings are ok, it's perfectly normal to feel like this. 

My dreams continue to be weird and random this week. I am now getting small nose bleeds here and there. Also, once again another week where I am sick ... I was on bed rest for about 48 hours along with a liquid diet. God, that must've been the worst feeling so far. 

Christmas is coming!!! We just went this week to Disney and the lights were absolutely amazing. I love Disney at Christmas time.  Ok, I lied... I just love Disney at any time, except summer... Summer sucks. 

Here is Oliver's First picture at disney with the family... Hehehhe 

Along with a few other photos 

Pitstop at Universal. 

Considering I am the biggest Ariel fanatic, we allowed her to be our big reveal for the gender mystery. 

This week you are as big as a banana at 6.5". 

You are starting to swallow amniotic fluid. You are causing me itchy boobs and a massive shortness of breath. We are at a half way point at 20 weeks now and my belly is THANK GOD still small. Only 4 months left to gooooo, please I beg you not to wait till the full 10 months. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Week 19

This week I don't feel like writing, the only thing is that I have been having the weirdest sci-fi dreams. I guess falling asleep to Guardians of the Galaxy did some damage. 

This week you are the size of a mango at 6 inches (ultra sound lady said you looked between 6-7 so I guess these fruit things are really true.) 

This week you are pretty much working in your five senses.