Saturday, October 25, 2014

Week 13

Ok, goodbye old jeans and hello dresses and leggings! Cruel Cruel pregnancy, I know I have a miracle growing in me but how many of you just stand in front of the mirror wishing you could magically extend that zipper section so your pants can fit for a bit longer. When we get to maybe 5 months it starts looking cute, right now it just looks like a tiny little gut. If my jeans or shorts are tight and I am wearing them for too long... omg I feel like my bladder is going to explode and pee on myself. This week the nausea continues but I can finally puke, its horrible but at least when I get it out I start feeling better.

I can NOT wait for winter to get here already!!! Not just because of the heat and the shortness of breath but more for the SUPER cute outfits I just bought... Yes, the outfits are for this weekend when I go to Connecticut but I can actually picture my big belly in those dresses.

Another psychotic move of mine is starting my registry early. I know myself... I will forget later on. At least now I get the big things out of the way. I am doing 3 registries, this way I look for the best prices in each.

Babies R US, Burlington Coat Factory & Online at Amazon.

I need to tell everyone that if they find these items anywhere cheaper to go for it and let me know so I can take it off the list. (its my second time around who cares for surprises.. also last time i was constantly on the list checking what was bought.. hahaha no secrets)

Is it bad that I am already wanting to nest, I am driving my hubby crazy!! I want the room cleaned and painted already.. but before the painting i want the window replaced.. ummm can I open a go fund me for my psychoticness of wanting a perfect nursery this time around?? F YOU PINTEREST!!! (O_O) hehe.. sorry. Anyways my nursery color of choice will be gray and white and the accent colors will be pink and blue.

Right when I thought the nausea was over, it kicks right back in. One day it's good and the next it's bad again. I was making pasta for dinner and I ended up not eating. ._. The smell just made me want to throw up, it was horrible I was so hungry. I cut me up some apple slices and went back to bed. 

This week you are as big as a peach averaging 2.9 inches. 

You are forming your vocal cords meaning they will be ready by the time you get here... Screaming and crying O_O I am not sure I'm ready for that again. You already have fingerprints and as creepy as it sounds your intestines are moving from the umbilical cord into your body. 


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 12

Final Week Of My First Trimester! 

Wow, this went by really fast!! I can't believe it I am already 3 months! Im sorry, its weird saying that and typing it and reading it over is even crazier. Hmm, 3 months. This weeks weather was so gloomy.. :( rained all week. 

I am just getting anxious now, I want to know what it is. Just a few days ago I went to get a sonogram done, trying to cheat and get the gender earlier. They told us a few things but it's not 100% certain, 3 more weeks to find out for sure if it's a boy or girl. Then you guys just have to wait until the gender reveal. 

Here is the little booger at 11 weeks and 3 days. The woman who did the sonogram said everything looks absolutely perfect. Little booger acted just as expected. He/She was moving like crazy, wasn't allowing us to get a clear view for more than 2-3 seconds. 

The lady doing the X-rays just kept laughing saying he/she was going to be a handful. Also, little booger is already camera shy, they tried to get a face shot but he/she kept putting his/her hands in his/her face. 

Here is my actual appointment for my 12th week. Healthy as can be and the man doing the sonogram said he'd give my Due Date an estimate of May 1st. 

I'm sorry but that photo seriously looks like alien species. Little Booger I need to change your nickname lol. Alien Child 

At 12 weeks you are the size of a plum averaging 2 inches. 

Developing reflexes and even though they say I can't feel you I actually think I can. Starting to move your fingers and toes fast now... Just as fast as your brain is developing or so I read. 

Well... I cant find a plum but my hubby found something jut as good. A Kiwi. 

              Rainy week = Rainy Pic 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 11

Nothing big this week, spent most of it planning a surprise party for my mom. I just keep noticing that the more strenuous the situation the more weak I am starting to feel. The black outs are starting to get better, starting to control it a bit more. If I start feeling like my head is getting cloudy or even a little nauseous I sit or lay down, try breathing through my mouth and it actually helps. Before I would get light headed easily and fall to the ground while my vision goes black. I momentarily fell asleep next to the toilet in one of these moments waiting to throw up. I'm still waiting to feel this amazing and spiritual connection... "/ 

Call me crazy but I have been feeling little bubbles in there, I know it's too early to feel anything just yet but I could've sworn I did. Either I had to pass gas and bubbles were building up or little boogers rapid movements in there is causing bubbles. 

Reading up on what is to expect this week, said something about a babymoon. I haven't ever heard about this before but it read:

Planning a Babymoon

For expectant parents, a babymoon is essentially one last kid-less hurrah before your new roomie moves in. Think you could use one? 

Well, we will be going to CT soon but not for full relaxation. My cousin is getting married, so that saturday is already fully planned. I am extremely excited to see my family ☺️🎉. Sunday will be up to my older sister, touring CT and seeing the changing of the leaves will be absolutely stunning!! Monday will be short, we have the morning but we will be back that night. Can't wait to take Jaiden some pictures up there. Counting down, 2 weeks left!! (0_0) I need to buy some thermals, this miami girl can't stand the cold and as you will see in this weeks picture... Belly is popping, I am no longer wearing my size 4 jeans, and need to start looking for looser clothing. I have so far gained 3-5 pounds (I fluctuate) in these .. Oh my gosh NEXT WEEK IS 3 MONTHS!! 

Starting to grow faster this week, about the size of a lime and averaging about 1.6 inches and 0.25 ounces. 

Supposedly this week you are moving around a lot. Her/his skin is currently see-through but is looking more like a baby.. I think it looks like an alien. Now his/her fingers and toes are fully formed. Hair, tooth buds and finger nails are being formed. :)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

10 Weeks

Ughh, my 9th week I was sick and laying in bed. With all these inventions and medical advancements I am surprised they haven't come up with a medicine that can help treat pregnant women with a cold. We can hover a car in the air or make it turn into a boat but godforbid trying to help a fat girl who's coughing her lungs out. We all know Tylenol and Robitussin DM only work so much, antibiotics are always needed. That's it.. If they can pour ice on their heads and donate for a medical condition then lady's lets shake our pregnant bellys for antibiotics. Lol. 

This week is yet another week I'm surprised divorce papers aren't being served. Second pregnancy and it's just like the first.. Sometimes everything my husband says irritates me :( it's so sad that I feel this way, I hear many pregnant women feel the same. I can go from babe lets cuddle to ... OMG just go watch your shows and leave me alone. 

On the other hand, Jaiden and I are getting along a lot more. It's like we are bonding all over again. While walking the isles of Marshalls the other day he walks backwards in front of me and starts kissing my stomach. Not to mention when he first found out I was pregnant he made me buy the baby some clothes. He tried going for pink and blue because ofcourse to him im having both. We settled on some white sleeping onsies, cute ones with a teddy bear on its butt and stuff like that. 

This week you're as big as a Prune, about 1.2 inches and 0.14 ounces. 

Your vital organs are starting to function and your fingernails are starting to grow.