Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 38

Today I make it to week 38, after tomorrow I will be thrilled for him to come out at any time. You made it kid, you are almost a Taurus... Not to toot my own horn but, Your mother is AWESOME!! Toot toot! Hehehe. All that planning paid off and I couldn't be anymore happier.

I know I said I was on "maternity leave" and I have turned down a LOT of sessions but yesterday I had to go shoot. I am the Miami Photographer Manager for a Fashion Magazine which is currently going through rebranding. I thought I'd I showed up late and leave after 2 hours, I could shoot 2-3 girls and get great shots. I arrived at 11:30am and was one of the last ones out at 6ish. That's more than 6 hours!! Let's just say today I am on massive bed rest. My back is currently on fire, every move I make feels like I have a hot knife stabbing me repeatedly. I tried getting up to look for the icy hot but no luck finding the darn thing. Pretty much everything hurts today; from the walking, squatting and getting into my crazy positions everything from my neck, shoulders, back and even legs are feeling it. What a work out. 

I can't even go back to sleep because Ricky's  working and I need to pick up Jaiden from school in a couple of hours.

I can't be more thankful that my mother accompanied me yesterday and chauffeured the models and myself around Miami Beach so we wouldn't have to walk 2-10 blocks where we wanted to shoot. I'm pretty sure the models were extremely thankful also. Hahaha, walking that far in heels and in this heat.. No thank you. 

This week is no different from the last, still waking up at 2 or 3am for my daily pee pee ritual. My stomach is dropping by the day and it's about 4 fingers down already, any day now (I hope). My sweets cravings are now ski rocket. Had a pint of cookie dough icecream (lactose free of course) the other day all to myself and just last night I had another of cookies and cream. I know I shouldn't but my body is now feeling over heated. I can only sleep with 1 sheet over me and the house has to be at 68°. It could be lower but I don't wanna over do it. You now catch me every once in a while standing in front of the refrigerator catching the breeze. 

Breathing is still a task I can't wait to get back and now I'm starting to get a bit of heartburn. I hear that's from the babies hair. This week he's supposed to have an inch of hair already. I hope so because Jaiden was pretty much a bald baby until after his first year. 

Week 38, Oliver Jude Roses you are as big as a watermelon. I don't mean one of the HUGE ones (o_o) talk about a scary thought. Ranging anywhere between 18.9" - 20.9" and weighing along the lines of 6-9 lbs. 

This week you are just growing hair and shedding some white goo on your skin. I have to now keep more of an eye for labor signs, make sure I'm not going through preeclampsia, look out for the bloody show or the lovely water breaking.  

See you soon little booger! 


Just 2 days from turning 39 weeks. Still doing good. Small contractions but nothing big.  

Was turned into a mermaid today. That is all. 

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