Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 33

I hate my phone :( The entire post that I was just finishing up was deleted because my phone glitched. Ughhhh!! I HATE when this happens.  So here we go again!!!

6 weeks left, as the weeks get closer and closer they seem to be going faster and faster. I still believe you're going to get here before six weeks. I was talking to abuela about how some women are basically 10 months pregnant, for those who pass 40 weeks... and now she's calling me a donkey (since they are the ones that give birth at 10 months) lol. Here is a chart of how I have been tracking it. 

So if I'm 33 weeks that technically makes me about 8 1/2 months. My mother says that the Cuban way to do it is to track it by the month and not the week. If we conceived you around July 21 through the 27th and you count nine months after that then technically you are going to arrive April 21st through the 27th. This is exactly the dates I had planned for you to come. Damn im good. Jaiden was born
At 38 weeks making these calculations correct as well. This actually means my mom was right, don't tell her I said that. Hahahhaa. So instead of 6 weeks maybe I shall see you in 4. Today is my glucose test again, Great way to start my 33rd week...  3 hours and 4 blood tests later. I am NOT HAPPY. I am starving, I hate fasting. The restriction I am getting is making me want it even more. You know that feeling you get when you're so hubgry you want to throw up... If not, well, that's how I'm feeling. 

At 33 weeks you are the size of a Durian little booger (what the heck is a durian). Ranging anywhere between 17.2 - 18.7 inches you are almost at full growth size. 

Your brain is still developing and you just keep getting smarter and smarter. You are keeping your eyes open as you are awake, you can coordinate breathing at the same time as swallowing and sucking and your bones just continue to get harder and harder. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 31

8 months today..

Officially OVER being pregnant. Wanting it to be over already :( 

This was one TOUGH WEEK! Between photography sessions, my baby shower, preparation for one of my best friends Bachlerette party (I hosted), the wedding, and my cousins baby shower all in the same week I am just about ready for a vacation. I'm not even joking, I was stiffed a vacation because my client was not an understanding person and at the end of the day rescheduled her session. I'm also about ready to move OUT OF MIAMI because of people like this. 

Well, because of everything falling together at the same time I have been having back to back Braxton Hicks. Talk about torture, here is a timeline of what I am going through...

Timing : 

(While at wedding) 
(fell asleep)
12:56 (woke up to pain)


6:49am. (Stopped counting, back to sleep) 
9:00am feels like a minor contraction 
10:00- Stopped counting (working)

I have been in my car now instead of in my cousins baby shower laying down trying to give myself a little relief from the pain. What sucks even worse is not being able to see ricky in 4 days!!! Thursday - bachlerette party, Friday he was all day in a meeting and then I had a rehearsal, Saturday he was a double and I was at the wedding, Sunday he is back in another meeting and I'm stuck in my car crying my eyeballs out for no apparent reason. These random moments of emotional wrecklessness are getting quite annoying. 

I know everyone tells me its too early to have Oliver but I want him out already, he wouldn't be the tarus we planned for though •_• only downfall. I had Jaiden at 37 weeks (6 weeks left for you Oli, I can't take this anymore there will be an eviction notice put up as of April 13 with 1 week to vacate so you may be a Taurus. 

At 31 weeks you are as long as a pineapple at 15.2" - 16.7". 

Your eyes are developing and you are reacting to light. All of your five senses are in working condition. You are causing me shortness in breath (still and will continue till the end), Braxton hicks, extremely frequent urination, back aches, sleepless nights and major hormonal swings.