Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 37

I believe that was the first actual contraction. Sitting down on the sofa, my stomach became as hard as a golf ball. Every move I made had a sharp cramp, my breathing became heavy. Talk about scary, come on Oli you need to wait 9 more days at least. I can't even imagine going 3 more weeks, I know that there are women who go through this feeling all the way until and passed 40 weeks.

Every move that Oliver makes has me feeling like I'm going to need an adult diaper. I feel as if every 30 minutes my bladder is about to explode; sometimes even after going to the bathroom I have to walk back because I feel as if I never went. Also, everytime I use the restroom now I have to check to make sure my mucus plug hasn't descended. Almost 6 years ago, this was the week that Jaiden arrived. Once that came out... 12 hours later he was here.  This is also the week that you either love or hate this part of pregnancy. Your breasts start engorging and doubling if not tripling their regular size. I am one of those people that hate it, nothing fits and they are extremely sensitive. 

Every single day, 2 - 3am he is on a schedule. I wakeup, struggle like a turtle on its back to finally get up (all while trying to hold my bladder), use the restroom perhaps twice and lay back down. It would be great if that was it.. Just lay back in bed and knock out. Nope, for another hour or so I'm twisting and turning in bed waiting for my body to remember that it's still the middle of the night. 

Week 37, yet another fruit difficult to find! Where do they get these measurements from?! Hmm, week 37 you are as big as a winter melon ranging between 18.9 - 20.9". 

You are practicing inhaling, exhaling, sucking, gripping ... Wait wait wait wait wait! GRIPPING?!?? Is that what I keep feeling?! Sometimes it's as if I feel my stomach get pinched from the inside, like if it was bitten. All this time you are grabbing something in there?! Dude come on, give your mother a break.. It hurts (._.) .... and blinking. This is the nasty part, you are getting your first poop ready. You have officially become FULL TERM, you are ready to come into this world at any minute. From here until you decide to pop your head out (ugh, that was a disturbing thought) you will just be chunking up. I've noticed this whole pregnancy I've done extremely well when it comes to eating and I haven't really gained much. NOW IM EATING SO MUCH! I try so hard to stay focused and eat little things but this kid is making me put on these pounds quickly this month.

**** update ****  4-16-15 

It's 3:20am, waking up to pee as usual but before I get up I hear and feel an internal pop. I waited a bit before moving out of bed to pee to see if water or anything came out but nothing. After peeing I lay back down and now my stomach is growling a lot... Well, my stomach isn't hurting like its hungry but it's growling and he's definitely moving in there. Luckily today I have my Gyno appointment at 11:00am. 

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