Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 9

All I want to do is sleep, it's like I can take a nap at whatever time of the day. Sweeping my house gets me breathing like if I just ran, in my case, a block. I don't know how I am going to continue taking pictures if I keep up this way, hopefully it's just a first trimester thing. 

This time around I like to sleep on my right side, I read an old wives tale about how baby genders will make you preference your sleeping side. With jaiden I kicked my husband out of his side of the bed because I preferred the left side... and face it I am kind of closterphobic so I don't like anything near my face or I feel as if I'm being suffocated. With this feeling I have to be at whatever side of the bed I feel most comfortable, which is usually my right side. I am happy to say so far I have been loyal to my side of the bed! The old wives tale speaks of boys making their mothers prefer their left side (which happened to me) and girls make us prefer our right side. Hmmmm can you imagine a mini me running around?? My entire family is hoping for a girl. Oddly, I never thought I wanted one but this pregnancy it's all I can think of. With Jaiden I said it from the very beginning its a boy and his name is Jaiden. There was no changing my mind. This time around i keep thinking of a certain girl name... You'll have to wait till the gender reveal to find out what it is ;) 

I have taken a craving to tomatoes this week. Something I used to love growing up and since I was maybe 20 havent done since. Just as is, maybe I'll slice them so I can sprinkle salt over them but I just like the juices that come from them whole. Tomatoes are extremely good for your skin in which I need because this little booger has me braking out like if I'm going through puberty. (0_0) I never went through this as a teen.. Of course it would happen now. Another wives tale says girls steal your beauty and cause pimples and blotches. I swear little booger if you are a girl and you give me any blotches on my face you won't shave your legs until graduation!! Haha. 

Any minute my husband should either punch me or throw me over a cliff. I know my attitude is going from 0-60 (nothing new) but now even more because of smells. I smell EVERYTHING!! Cleaning supplies are seriously killing me, I wanted to sleep in the car the other night. It was intolerable but then again... so was I. Driving passed I think a park.. I don't know but I mentioned smelling green mangos, which was off because the season is gone. I have always had a good sense of sight and smell, sight is the same but smell.. Omg it's insane. Imagine if my sight can improve also, I'll start seeing sounds or even better see through walls. Hahha. 

This week little booger is the size of an Olive, 0.9 inches. 

She/He is no longer an embryo but is now an actual fetus. Heartbeat can now start to be heard, my next appointment is Oct 20 I'll be sure to hear it then. 

Ps. Constipation sucks!! I almost cried because my husband interrupted me once when I was FINALLY taking a crap. 

Preggo Week 8

Any woman who ever said they loved their maternity phase has to be a psychotic person, or a very lucky woman.  Unfortunately, second time around I'm just as unhappy as the first. Actually, this time is worse. First time around I was throwing up for 9 months. This time I am nauseous the entire time, dizzy, lightheaded and blackout. The joys of motherhood I tell you, I swear this little jerk better turn out cute. 

Many people foresaw my future and said I was having twins. Kind of nerve wrecking yet exciting, my son Jaiden (age 5) has been wanting a sibling for quite some time. Actually, now he wants both brother and sister. Thinking about the words of many and seeing twins we thought hey maybe you'll get your wish. What ever comes out, this time has to be the last time I give birth, I don't know how I would ever want to go through this again.. Even this second time around, what was I thinking. 

My first OBGYN appointment was this week I was extremely excited for this. Oh wait, it gets better, it landed on the day Jaiden had no class, he is able to go also. Talk about exciting, seeing his baby brother or sister or who knows maybe both for the first time. Unfortunately, only one blob was found. Jaiden wasn't too thrilled & honestly, neither were we. But on the bright side we saw the little booger just floating around in there. 

One of my friends made me laugh, once I posted I was 8 weeks he backtracked on my Instagram and found out 8 weeks ago was National Tequila Day. To my surprise the due date is officially May 5... great Cinco de Mayo. Can this get anymore cliche?? Lol, no if it's a boy I'm not naming him Jose or as another friend mentioned first name Pat middle name Ron. 

Here goes my journey, only 31 weeks left. 

Each week I will post how big the baby is. Since I started blogging at almost 9 here are week 7 & 8 :) 

Booger is as big as a blueberry here, 0.51 inches and starting to sprout. 

Developing kidneys and starting to form arm and leg joints. 

Booger is as big as a raspberry this week, 0.63 inches. 

This week you are starting to wiggle like crazy but I can't feel you just yet. Fingers and toes are still webbed but slowly developing. Tail is starting to go away, haha at one point we have tails like a tadpole.