Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Week 26

With loss of sleep due to a small bladder and constant cramping I am getting a little bit on the edgy side lately. Ricky says I can't handle stress and I flip out over the little things now. It's gotten a bit harder to breathe and sometimes I sound like if I just ran a mile when I haven't really done anything.

This week I had a rash appear on my stomach which freaked me out!! Dr. Said it was pupps and of course me being.. Well, me... I googled. I again flipped out and was scared it was going to take over my whole body. It's extremely itchy and if I touch it then it burns. I've been putting my cream I use for my pimples which is great for eczema and skin problems and it's gone away!! So happy because day one it looked swollen and irritated! So again... being the self cautious psycho that I am, I put some tattoo cover up on it and ran to ale some maternity pics on the beach. The day was just about ending and it was one of the colder nights here in Miami, we reached the beach right on time for sundown and I am lucky I have a patient husband who understands my psychotic rages. 

At the moment I thought I looked hideous and that I couldn't do anything with the photos since you couldn't see my stomach so I just look bloated. With only 25 min until sundown I believe Ricky caught some amazing shots of me. I should start using him as my second shooter... Since I am extremely hard on him he has gotten so much better through the years. I'm sorry babe, I'm a perfectionist. 

This week Oli is as big as a head of lettuce coming in at 13.6-14.8 inches. 

His eyes are supposedly forming and soon he will be opening them up while inside my belly. His eyelashes will soon grow and hopefully he has mommies eyelashes just like jaiden, long and full. It's crazy to know that he is already starting to take breaths inside there, like a fish!! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 25

What's crazy is the fact that sometimes my belly lol old tiny as heck and then there are times when BOOM!! There you are. Sitting down and laying down I look and I'm like I'm not that big actually, but this weekend I had to pull off some leather leggings and a tight shirt that I finally realized "holy crap I'm showing". 

From heart burn to stomach cramps I am finally feeling pregnant. 

This week you're the size of a cauliflower at 13.6-14.8 inches. 
He has learned which way is up and which way is down. He weights up to 2.5pounds and is starting to rapidly gain weight and grow hair. 

Week 24

This week you are officially breakdancing. You can finally feel the kicks if you feel my stomach. The thing is I would be ok if he was kicking up... He likes to kick down into my hoohah and when he kicks there I have to RUN to the bathroom. Also, I know it's normal and yes I'm about to admit this but pregnancy at this stage is DUSGUSTING!!! I'm like a waterfall with discharge. Men & women who haven't gone through this, I don't care anymore... so what.. it's what happens, get over it.

I am STILL waking up and puking but luckily not a lot anymore 🎉🎉🎉 Wooohooo that stage is almost gone! 

As for the nursery, we are putting up the furniture and wall decor. 

Here is half of the room so far and I'm getting more and more excited about finishing it. 

This week you are as big as a cantaloupe at 10.5"-11.8". 

I'm supposed to be getting swollen ankles and that black nasty line down my belly like I did with jaiden but nothing yet (and thank god). 

No new updates just that you are almost ready to survive on this crazy outside world if you were to come early. Your skin is no longer see through and you are getting your pink pixels. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Week 23

I am feeling Oliver more and more each day. Hopefully he is not a breakdancer like his big brother, I wouldn't be able to deal with that. Ok, so everyone tells me I have a tiny belly for 6 months... Well I've been eating salads, fruits, veggies, wraps, chicken, drinking lots of water & water w/lemon. The reason I believe I am actually gaining now is because 1..the holidays and 2.. I'm giving into my usual chips & chocolates tantrum. I am trying so hard not to give in to the Mc Donald's fries one... Lmao. I keep saying this and never doing it. I neeeeddddd to start Yoga/Pilates again. I've gained about 14lbs in 23 weeks and only 16 weeks left to go. I WISH I could say only 6 more pounds and that's it. Lol lets see how that goes.

We have started construction on Oli's room and WOW. A once before catastrophe is finally over. Everything has a spot in the house and shed. We cleaned up the shed by adding shelves and it's no longer a clutter. Now everything in the first room is finally gone. 

Here is the Before picture (not the messy part) of the room before we continue the transformation into a nursery. 

That's the panoramic view. This is the last room to finally get painted. My hubby just noticed today that once the baby is born, every single room will now be occupied. It's crazy. It's still pretty surreal for us. 

Here's the painted version. 

This week Little booger is about the size of a grapefruit coming in between 10.8"-11.8". 

Face is finally fully formed but is now starting to form nipples. This is the stage where they start gaining weight, meaning watch out me! Sticking to the healthy diet is extremely important now. Luckily I don't have swelling feet nor are my legs retaining water, I should go out for walks around this time. Oli is now fully hearing my voice and loud noises on the outside world. Honks, barking dogs, music... You name it they hear it. I guess it's that time to start playing classical music now.