Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Week 36

Full Term!! I am 9 months as of today with only "4 weeks left". Now comes the scary part, I had Jaiden at 37 weeks.  Can you imagine, next week instead of a photo of a fruit we will have a photo of a baby. <3

This week I am starting to breathe better but I still have those moments of uncontrollable gasps of air. Oliver is already head down and ready to come out any minute —any day. I am having massive pelvic discomfort this week. Not sure if he is trying to stretch his arm or if when he pushes his body in a certain way he is hitting the edge of a wall inside there, setting off a stabbing pain.

We have already pre-registered at south miami hospital, set up the infant car seat in my car, and packed my hospital bag. Just about ready! Let's hope Oli stays in his current residence for 13 more days. Any time after that I am happy and all my planning will have worked out perfectly for a little Taurus baby. According to my due date, only 27 days left but we all feel as if he will show up a lot sooner. 

This week we decided to register Jaiden in Soccer. Jai starts April 18 and he is extremely excited! Yes, a little crazy because any day now Oli will pop out but... We know some kids feel left out when their sibling is born. I am glad that I am on maternity leave because all his games are Saturday mornings until June. Oli and I will be cheering from the stands (^_^) 

Let's see this week Oli is as big as a Honeydew ranging anywhere between 17.2-18.7in. 

He is getting closer to breathing on his own, even though if he was born today everything would be fine. Skin is getting smooth and soft and his gums are becoming rigid. Liver and kidneys are in fully working order; circulation and immune system are also a go. 

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