Thursday, December 8, 2016

Day in the Life of Oliver Jude Roses

Ok, Oliver is going to be officially 20 months this 26th and I have been overly slacking. I need to get back to this photographic blogger journey.

Lets start it off with the little booger who made me stop. 

Welcome to a Day in the Life of Oliver Jude Roses! 

As much as I would like to say this is a daily journey, we took a day off from sitting at home playing with crayons and watching tv. Here we went on a beautiful trip to Monkey Jungle.

Oliver got a rude awakening that we weren't sleeping in that day but after a bottle of milk he was ready to get this day started. 

Time to go! Oliver swears he knew where he is going, took off like he had somewhere to go.

Upon Arriving, our first stop was the exhibit by the pond. Few interesting facts but Ollie was more caught up with the 20-40 monkeys jumping around than what the lady was saying. 

Oh look! Koi fish!

Ok, here is the grand tour of the day!
I really thought that he was going to be a bit more problematic but to my surprise, he bonded quite well with the monkeys. Actually, I think they took him is as one of their own. 

You guys !! I found the food!! 

Move over monkey!! These are mine!

You, you can have one. 


Is there more to see around this place or are we going home?

We continued walking around for a bit but the time was almost over, we had to now go pick up big brother Jaiden.

I am glad to say, this trip was one for the books. 

Of course, right before you want to leave is where they notice; hey look, toys! 

Mom, you are allowed to leave. I want to stay here forever! 

But like every story, there must be an ending. With this we ended our journey but right before we left..

Excuse me mister, my mom would like to purchase this for me. Please be so kind to ring it up. 

I would love to personally thank Mr. Carlos Fernandez for such a great time around Monkey Jungle's Amazon tour. We have gone a few times but so far this must've been the best one yet. I am truly blessed to have captured all these amazing images. 

Week 39

Well, as most already know... ️Oliver has arrived! Today is day 3 and I'm just about ready to go home. We are just waiting for the discharge papers.

Let me tell you, I give all the women who do this whole all natural no drugs thing a massive applause. Saturday, April 25th (the day I wanted him to be born) at 10:00pm I start having minor pains, thinking this was like any other day I text ricky telling him about the 3 back to back pains but not to worry they were very minor. Once11:00pm rolled around I am wondering what time he will be out of work, I am already calling the hospital because every 5 minutes these pains are becoming constant. Luckily, my mother arrived to pick up Jaiden at the same time that Ricky arrived home. Here we rush to the hospital and by midnight guess who is admitted into a room. Reaching 3cm and pains being constant I am pleading for pain medication, epidural, anything at all. Unfortunately, I was waiting on the anesthesiologist 

to get out of a c-section. Right when I thought all was lost and I couldn't get the epidural anymore I lost all hope of being sufficient for my baby.