Monday, January 16, 2017

Valentines Day is coming up!

E.Perez Photography's Boudoir Marathon

Valentines Day is slowly creeping up on us and what better way to surprise your hunny
than with something sexy to spice things up!
Don't think this is only given as gifts to your boo-thang, do this as a confidence builder and show yourself how sexy you truly are. 
You have always wanted some sexy images but have always pushed it back due to what? 
Are you afraid of what you will look like?? You are BEAUTIFUL!! Let me show you! 

Give it up, stop the excuses & book now! 

There will be two settings, you may choose your poison between Bed & Bath.  Here is a sneak peek of what to expect....

If you choose Bed

Be a little discrete if you please, 


Or you can be a little daring. 


If you Choose Bath

You can choose between regular bath or a milk bath

Allow your innocence to shine through with light colors


Or show your boldness with a pop! You don't even have to be fully undressed for a sexy image.


Now that I have your attention, think you would like to give it a try?? Lets try not to break the bank during these crazy times, I have brought down the price to persuade you to come out of your shell.

If you are ready and confident lets skip the mumbo jumbo and book this already! 

From Jan 15 - Jan 29th 

Sign up for a 40 min session which will include:

Simply Seductive Package      $100.00
  • Choice between bed or bath scene 
  • 2 week personal online password protected gallery with all low res. images 
  • 3 of your favorite images fully edited & in high res. 

Bold and Sexy Package          $175.00

  • Choice between bed or bath scene 
  • Glass of Champagne and fruits
  • 2 week personal online password protected gallery with all high res. images 
  • 5 of your favorite images fully edited & in high res. 

50 Shades Package                $225.00

  • BOTH  bed & bath scene (20 min each set)
  • Glass of Champagne and fruits for each set
  • 2 week personal online password protected gallery with all high res. images 
  • 10 of your favorite images fully edited & in high res. 

To keep the prices low this year we will be shooting out of my house instead of booking a hotel or studio. All images have been shot in my bedroom and bathroom. Please email E.Photography3@gmail or text 786-565-2315 to book your session. I require $50 non refundable deposit to book your time frame. To see more images please visit or on instagram @Eperezphotography 

You may email me with ALL questions regarding this shoot. Once you book you can send me images of what you are planning on wearing and I can help you pick out the best outfit. 


Please consider getting your nails done 2-3 days before our session, hair the day before (bath scene doesn't require this option), and make sure if you are getting professional makeup done to set your appointment 3 hours before our session. Makeup takes an hour or more depending on the artist and depending on the time frame from your location to mine, give yourself enough time so you are not running around. Arrive 10 min before your appointment time to make sure we do not fall behind schedule. Thanks!! 

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