Sunday, October 1, 2017


What Should I Wear 

Depends on the shoot to be honest. Here are a few options in which I have placed in Pinterest boards. Etc:

Men :
Boudoir :


How Long Will This Take

Sessions last 1 hour at the location of choice. If you feel you will need more time please let me know your ideas and we can talk more about how much time we will need. Additional hours are only $50 extra per hour. 

My Kids Might Be Fussy

Yeah, and so are mine... all the time. I have patience and this is why we need a full hour. If you feel your child needs more than an hour to cooperate please let me know. If they just need a little more time to scope out the location and feel comfortable I advise you to show up 15-20 minutes earlier so they can scavenge around before the shoot. 

Remember its more about having fun for them than capturing a specific pose, no child is like another one so we can't control if they do specific poses. Most we can do is before the shoot start practicing and reward them when they get it right. This way the shoot runs along a lot smoother and you will get more images to choose from. 

BRING SNACKS AND WATER to the shoots, when kids get fussy having a treat actually helps the situation a lot faster than "we will go get ice-cream afterwards so please just smile" approach. 

How Much Is It!? Its not like I'm going to print them

Sessions are considered investments. If you invest in a phone, a pair of glasses, even some shoes then why is it so difficult to invest in memories. My sessions start at $250, they can be as simple or we can upgrade your package with the a la carte option and include whatever you need extra.

When we are a lot older its a beautiful thing to pass down memories from one generation to another. 

I always recommend you print the images even if its not through me, the times are changing and I was recently asked "How can I get my images out of some old negatives"? I have images in floppy disks which I have no clue how to ever open again. CD's will also one day be a thing of the past, the new thing now is the thumb drive/hard drive. Those options can also crash and you can loose your images. Always keep the files on hard drives as a back up but please consider printing your images even if its on a small album where you can now have them printed with multiple images on a page. 

What if I only want 3-10 images? Is it cheaper?

Nope, unfortunately I can't promise you will feel comfortable or like the first 3-10 images. Imagine how many selfies you take before you post the one you like. Same thing with me, we can take 100-200 images in 1 sitting and even though you might not need that many you will have options to choose from. Out of 100 images usually only 5-10 images are considered the "best" from the group. 

I edit the best 5 images from the whole session and with those edits I reduce excess areas on our body that we don't like, fix the lighting, take out items in the images that distracts us like the trash can in the back and/or even people. 

How Long Until I Receive My Pictures

I understand you are super excited and the next process for me might not be the fastest. Literally after EVERY shoot the first question is "when can we expect these pictures".  I will have the images up on a gallery and sent to your email no longer than the first 7 days unless there are power outages or a recent passing. 

Edits take no longer than 6 weeks to have up on the gallery. If you need an edit immediately please let me know before hand so I can focus on that 1 edit first. 

I Can Do My Own Makeup Right??

Reason we photographers recommend makeup artists is because the camera tends to bring out EVERY detail and every wrinkle. If you know about makeup please feel free to do your own. If you use "regular every day makeup" then please consider the additional help with a professional makeup artist. There are no snapchat filters in real life, with out the correct application you will look washed out. Makeup Artists(MUA's) know what foundation isn't going to make you look super shiny as well as they can intensify your eyes. If you are investing in a memory lets make sure it looks the best. 

What if it rains?

Hey, its Miami... who knows what will happen right?? We can plan a pretty picnic but we can't ever predict the weather. One week in advance I will look at the weather forecast and we will have a slight inside on how the day is predicted. Only 24 hours before will we know more or less the chances of having a good or bad day. Here we will be in contact and see what are the chances in continuing. I always wake up extremely early the day of to make sure the radar shows if everything is clear. 

If the day of its a little cloudy that is more than fine, we have an hour to play with. If the day is dark and looks gloomy in my opinion we should reschedule because I don't want you to have grainy images. 

Unless you are open and its not thundering we can shoot in the rain! It might not be the bright happy pictures but sometimes these out of the norm pictures have a depth to them and we can make it work. ALL UP TO YOU! 

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